Who We Are

The Institute for Professional Development (IPD) is dedicated to enhancing student-learning by supporting educators through innovative professional development. IPD works with educators in pre-K through college settings, as well as with school districts and state policymakers, to support student-learning throughout New Mexico. Through these partnerships, IPD strives to promote the understandings, practices, and identities of all educators.


Our Approach

In support of this vision, the Institute for Professional Development (IPD) engages in projects that create and sustain a network of resources for effective professional development for educators. These projects support innovation in professional development geared towards pre-K-12 educators and post-secondary teacher educators.

Our projects enable faculty and staff in the College of Education to partner with schools, institutions of higher education, the New Mexico Public Education Department, as well as community organizations. Together, these projects encompass and support the teaching, research, and service functions of the College of Education and the university as a whole.

The Institute for Professional Development aims for excellence by engaging in continuous learning cycles.  All our projects begin with collaboration, planning, and implementation with our partners, and conclude with measurable outcomes which are then used to reflect and continually refine the process. We strive to not only promote student achievement through professional development, but also to be able to measure changes in student achievement associated with the professional development.